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CMCI offers a wide range of professional services for the technology sector

Since 2005, CMCI has spearheaded the evolution of technology, operating under the guiding lights of four central tenets: Innovation. Quality. Mission. People. In the realm of federal technology, we’re known for engineering, deploying, maintaining, and improving some of the most sophisticated systems. Our unwavering dedication guarantees system availability and business support around the clock, every day of the year. This relentless commitment delivers unparalleled value to our citizens, ensures the security of our national boundaries, and plays a crucial role in safeguarding the American people from terrorist threats and hazards to health and human safety.

Our Domain Expertise

Integrating Extended Supply Chain Data for National Security and Human Safety

CMCI is an industry leader in enhancing international risk and threat assessment for national security and human safety. CMCI is also pioneering trade data interoperability through a single-window system, and advancing global nuclear non-proliferation efforts through innovative device and technology integration. 

  • Risk & Threat Management
  • Single window - Trade, Customs & PGAs
  • Device & Technology Integration - CBRNE & GNDA

Our Contract Vehicles


Supported Sectors

Homeland & National Security

CMCI is a pioneer of technology transformation initiatives to protect citizens of our nation.

Trade & Travel Facilitation

CMCI provides decision-making support to facilitate trade across borders and mitigate threats and risks to allow expedited admissibility to cargo and travelers.


CMCI integrates emerging technology to solve the most pressing challenges facing all our clients.


CMCI delivers technology transformation solutions to the country’s largest unified school district to support education and training.

Health & Human Services

CMCI thrives to protect and promote health and human safety by providing innovative and efficient technology services.