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About CMCI

Who We Are

Driving technology for client success

CMCI has been driving technology innovation since 2005. Our philosophy is to assemble the best experts to solve unique real-world problems spanning diverse markets, including security, science, health, trade, and education. We execute this by harnessing the power of leading-edge technologies to address our clients' distinct challenges in their current environments while crafting and executing the technology roadmap for the future.

CMCI’s culture attracts and retains outside-the-box thinkers and subject matter experts. As a women-owned, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), which values equity, diversity, and inclusion, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive technology solutions that surpass expectations, given the size of our team. Our remarkable team includes unconventional thinkers passionate about tackling significant technological and business challenges that safeguard human well-being and security globally.


Our exceptional talent and agile corporate culture enable us to provide the efficiency of a small business while matching the sophisticated solutions and technological prowess of larger organizations. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that our services are dependable, consistent, and adaptable to support your mission as it evolves over time.

Our Values

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Championing equity, celebrating diversity, fostering inclusion for a truly equitable business landscape.

Client Centric

Prioritizing clients' needs through personalized attention, comprehensive solutions, and unparalleled service.

Social Responsibility

Committed to making a positive impact, fostering sustainability and driving social change​.

Your Success is Our Mission

Our vision is to provide leading-edge knowledge to advance human security, health, and discovery.

Discover how CMCI can help you transform your technology landscape and drive lasting success for your organization.

CMCI Leadership

Pulak Chakrabarti


Pulak Chakrabarti

Pallabi MItra Chakrabarti

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Pallabi Mitra Chakrabarti

Chandu Basu

Chief Operating Officer

Chandu Basu

Ying Feng

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ying Feng

Gary Nemirovsky

Executive Vice President

Gary Nemirovsky

Rajiv Bannerjee

Executive Vice President

Rajiv Bannerjee

CMCI Partnerships

Corporate Social Responsibility

CMCI is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work through charitable donations and sponsorships of non-profit organizations. We do this by supporting charitable and cultural organizations within our community. CMCI also provides college scholarships to high achieving students in need. And finally, we support initiatives that provide education and healthcare to underprivileged persons at home and around the world.

An Evening for Hope Gala

CMCI Sponsors An Evening for Hope Gala, with proceeds benefiting The Children’s Inn at National Institutes for Health

Northern Virginia Bengali Association Durga Puja

CMCI is a Platinum Sponsor of the Northern Virginia Bengali Association Durga Puja

5K Run

CMCI Sponsors a 5K run in partnership with Ashajyothi in support of access to education and healthcare for underprivileged children

Dolly Jana Chakrabarti Smriti Scholarship

Rathindra Nath Chakrabarti Smriti Scholarship

CMCI is a proud sponsor of two merit based scholarships.

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